About Franck PIGNAL

Franck PIGNAL was born on February 18, 1964.

He grew up and lived in the Lyon region.

Passionate about pictures since always, it was as a teenager that he made his first plastic case adapting a lens received for Christmas.

He therefore begins to take a personal and poetic view of the world.

It was with his first salary that he acquired a PRAKTICA reflex camera.

For several years he has been testing different models of reflex camera body and takes great pleasure in looking at the world around him.

Inspired by Willy Ronis, Francesca Woodman, Robert Doisneau, Helen Levitt, Sabine Weiss…, black and white takes an important role in his work. It allows him to express his emotions as closely as possible and perhaps the spiritual look he wears on the universe and life.


His interest in painting naturally led him to process his photos in a pictorial way.

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